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Thus, if the articles in newspapers are correct and neutral then this can lead to formation of strong, unidirectional mental state of the whole civilization leading to the progress of the country.

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If the news is not true and neutral then it can also lead to the destruction of the whole union. Hence, it is necessary to have newspaper publications that are fearless, intelligent, not belonging to any political party and those that think about nation and their duties towards the nation before their own personal interests. This is how newspapers hold great importance in our ever day lives. The uses or importance of newspaper in everyday lives can be summarized and easily understood by knowing its functions.

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So the four major functions of newspapers are as followed:. There are many other benefits that one gets from reading newspapers, such as improvement in vocabulary and reading efficiency.

All of these benefits help readers build their own polished personality which can help them further in their lives. Newspaper is a bunch of printed pages. It is a type of printed media which consists of news, articles, features, views, advertisements, etc. It is a periodical type of publication which is usually published on daily, weekly or monthly basis. It contains various sections in it to meet with the interests of all types of people in the society.

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It is one of the oldest means of mass media, and even in this electronic world it is still prevalent in most parts of human civilization. It is published in numerous languages in different regions so that it can reach out to more and more people. Newspapers have played a significant role in moulding the thought process of the readers.

Even in the time of British rule newspapers were an important source of reaching the common people. Newspaper successfully influenced thousands of people during struggle for independence. It can still play an important role in influencing people for some sort of reform. People make their opinion on things based on what they have read about in the newspaper.

So, it has to be printed with utmost care. Newspaper publications must ensure that only the truth is catered to common people. Newspapers are a treasure of knowledge, Reading newspaper is highly recommended for those preparing for any competitive exam. It can help us improve our vocabulary when referred to on daily basis.

We can learn about fashion trends which are given in various articles published weekly. Newspaper also publishes recipes for variety of dishes. It has got articles for healthy living, columns solely dedicated for public awareness and it also keeps us updated about famous sports and major events related to them.

People also put up advertisements for matrimony and jobs to find the right match. In this world of social media, printed media proves to be one of the most reliable sources of information.

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The information shared on social media is by some random person which cannot be always trusted. Many a times, fake news spreads on social media and it causes situation of chaos and confusion in various regions.

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This kind of scarcity defines mobile as a platform. Scarcity of space attention, display dimensions, and network, renders great experience more essential than ever.

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Content needs to be pre-fetched and cached so it's ready when we want it. Content needs to be displayed in simple, beautiful full-screen layouts. The requirement for content to go full screen means we need new interactions for mobile that allow for effortless navigation between different fine-grained views from publishers, like Forbes , topics, like newspapers , and special views, like the newsfeed mentioned above.

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Because screens are smaller on mobile devices, content relevance and summarizing social context are more important. We just don't have enough screen space or network bandwidth to deal with the ever-growing amount of news and social network content we expect from a modern newspaper.

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When you add this all up, you get smart, thoughtfully designed experiences that I think are going to spell a renaissance for the newspaper as a product. It's just that the experiences are going to be a lot different than what we might think of as a newspaper. Photo: Old News by vortistic, on Flickr. We spread the knowledge of innovators through our technology books, online services, magazines, research and tech conferences.

Since , O'Reilly has been a chronicler One of the first industries to lead the change was journalism. In his essay …show more content…. Since their existences, TV and radio have chipped away at much of print media's audience.

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They've made news more immediate and simpler for wider consumption by reducing reading elements. In addition, TV added vivid, moving visuals that appealed to audience's emotions. Even with these advances, there would still be room for the rise of technology that would combine the visuals and immediacy of TV with the reading components of print. Individuals could now write to each other nearly as fast as talking on the phone and gather instant information for almost any subject they'd want.