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United States, 39 two of the Hollywood Ten convictions were affirmed. Miller and District Judge George C.

Hollywood Ten - HISTORY

Sweeney sitting by designation. Judge Edgerton did not participate. Lawson and Trumbo petitioned the Supreme Court for certiorari in hopes that it would come to their protection.


Douglas, who would have taken review, was not prepared to wade into the Red Scare. All of the Hollywood Ten were imprisoned, some for months, some up to a full year. The Hollywood Ten case and its impact on the people involved has been the subject of at least a dozen books and movies. The latest was the film Trumbo , starring Bryan Cranston as the crotchety award-winning screenwriter who went to prison, lost his career and home, moved to Mexico, and wrote movies under pseudonyms to make a living until the Red Scare had passed.

Among them were Roman Holiday and The Brave One , both of which won Academy Awards for best screenplay and best story, respectively — awards Trumbo was unable to accept. He reemerged in his own name as the screenwriter of Exodus and Spartacus starring Burt Lancaster in His story was one of the more successful endurances, although his life was never the same. The Hollywood Ten case also permanently disrupted First Amendment jurisprudence, although it would take years, and changes in the Justices, for the legal issues joined in the Prettyman and Edgerton opinions to be decided definitively by the Supreme Court.

Significantly, the Edgerton Dissent would live to fight another day. Stay tuned for the next article in this Privacy in Focus series. Zimmerman , U.


But no such privilege or immunity is in question here. If to be and remain a member of a secret, oath-bound association within a state be a privilege arising out of citizenship at all, it is an incident of state rather than United States citizenship; and such protection as is thrown about it by the Constitution is in no wise affected by its possessor being a citizen of the United States.

Thus there is no basis here for invoking the privilege and immunity clause. But his liberty in this regard, like most other personal rights, must yield to the rightful exertion of the police power. United States Appeal No.

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Their purpose is to corrupt our moral premises by corrupting non-political movies — by introducing small, casual bits of propaganda into innocent stories — thus making people absorb the basic principles of Collectivism by indirection and implication. We have spent years in this country on the basis that democracy is strong enough to stand up and fight against the inroads of any ideology…. I detest, I abhor their philosophy, but I detest more than that their tactics, which are those of the fifth column, and are dishonest, but at the same time I never as a citizen want to see our country become urged, by either fear or resentment of this group, that we ever compromise with any of our democratic principles through that fear or resentment.

I still think that democracy can do it. The list of suspected Hollywood Communists, including screenwriters, directors, playwriters, actors, musicians, poets, and other artists, would grow over time to nearly Nationally recognized for his experience in close elections, recounts, and election administration, Mr. Goodman rejoined the firm in February and advises clients on laws regarding political activities and free speech. Senate confirmed his nomination by unanimous consent.

During his years on the Commission, Mr. Goodman promoted free speech on the Internet; vigorous free press rights, including for new media; and practical deregulation of political parties. Prior to joining the FEC, Mr. Goodman was in private practice, including two stints at Wiley Rein. Lawson was gaveled into silence every time he started to say something beyond what he was asked.

Lawson was eventually ordered off the witness stand and cited for contempt of Congress.

Hollywood Blacklist

Shortly after the hearings, the CFA was quickly disbanded. Opponents of the contempt citations argued that HUAC had conducted its inquiry illegally by violating the constitutional rights of free speech and thought. In speaking out against the committee, Rep. Herman P.

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In November , film executives and producers met in New York and issued the Waldorf Statement, which declared that they would not hire any member of the Hollywood Ten unless he was acquitted or had declared under oath that he was not a communist. They also would not knowingly hire anyone who was a communist.


After being cited for contempt, the Hollywood Ten went to jail in once their appeals were exhausted. During the second set of HUAC hearings in , many of those subpoenaed used the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination, and some of them named names of those they believed to be communists. Because of the blacklist, some screenwriters had to leave the country to find work. Many had to resort to using pseudonyms to continue working.

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The beginning of the end of the Hollywood blacklist took place in when actor and producer Kirk Douglas gave screenwriting credit to Dalton Trumbo for the movie "Spartacus. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: journals. Issue Section:. Download all figures.

Blacklists became prominent in Hollywood

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