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Thus a bond of friendship was developed. My final example of friendship was when Bruno helped Shmuel look for his Papa. Bruno had helped a friend in need. Both boys tragically ended their short lives in the gas chambers.

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Brutality is also one of the important themes in the novel. This is clearly defined when Lieutenant Kotler has beaten Pavel up just because he had spilled some wine on the Lieutenant. Also, an example of brutality would be when Lieutenant Kotler hits Shmuel as he was unfairly accused of stealing food.. This is very brutal as no one should ever abuse a child even if they are Jewish.

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The last exampled of brutality is the way the Germans treat the Jews. They locked them up in death camps and concentration camps. The German were very brutal, they show no compassion or mercy to the Jews. The last theme that I believe is important is fear. An example of fear was shown by Pavel.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Essay Questions

Nine year- old Bruno is very lonely, and ignorant until he meets his new best friend for life; he is very friendly to this boy that wears striped pajamas all day but still has many commonalities. When he left his lovely house in Berlin, he also had to leave his grandmother and grandfather along with his three best friends for life, Karl, Daniel, and Martine.

Bruno and his family left their friends and family for a place with horrid scenery outside your bedroom window. The view you get is of a fence and on the other side; there are badly treated people. Another down about this new house is that there are soldiers and lieutenants walking in and out of your house as if they owned the place.

Bruno was stuck with his sister, Grettle, the hopeless case, all day. The little speck got larger and larger until it formed the shape of a boy, not much smaller than Bruno. Bruno sat cross-legged in front of the boy. They each introduced themselves, the boys name was Shmuel, and it turned out that they were the same exact age! Bruno would feel extremely lonely when the rain would get in the way of their daily get together in the spot they met and always meet.

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She would also get very annoyed when he says the fury for Adolph Hitler instead of the furor. Bruno was a very friendly boy to almost everyone, that one exception was Grettle who always made fun of and picked on him.

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Bruno was especially kind to Shmuel. He always kept him company by sitting there and just listening.

His small friend would gobble the food down too fast for Bruno to tell him to slow down. And then Bruno did the riskiest thing of all.

He went under the fence all dressed up as a small boy in the striped pajamas. Bruno went under the loose part of the fence that could fit a small boy just his size, so Bruno crawled under to meet his very best friend on the other side. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. I have been answering student's essay questions on Yahoo for some time now. I have acquired an arsenal of great "how to" links for writing essays and all of their respective parts.

I put them all in a website so people could go and get whatever they needed. I am not shouting, just emphasizing since I can't use italics here!

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So don't feel bad! The second link I recommended above, has a great method that totally avoids getting stuck. First, you come up with a good draft thesis statement for your paper that is what the first excellent link is for. Then, you brainstorm sub-topics for your paper based on that draft thesis statement. You choose some of those sub-topics for your body paragraphs and you write your body.

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Then you do the conclusion. Then you go back and write your introduction, using your body paragraph sub-topics and you finalize your thesis based on the rest of your essay. You are done and ready for a final edit! It sounds backwards but it works beautifully. Here is my homepage.

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