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Look at all the places around you where teens are employed — grocery stores, retail, fast food, movie theaters, swimming pools, landscaping businesses and golf courses. Students who work enjoy the challenge, responsibility and personal satisfaction that comes with being a valued employee.

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Working from an early age looks great on a resume because it shows employers that you are mature, dependable and goal oriented. One of the biggest disadvantages of working while studying is the stress and exhaustion you may experience. Keeping a detailed planner and a list of prioritized tasks can help, but that requires self-discipline and exceptional time management skills. You may have trouble getting enough sleep. Exercising and self-care can end up low on your priority list.

You may neglect your health and end up with mono.

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Getting sick will cause you to miss school and work, with detrimental consequences. Working is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills and make a name for yourself. Achieving success on the job can boost your self-confidence.

You could use your imagination and think really big. Innovative high school students have started multimillion-dollar businesses by incubating and marketing a novel idea. Gaining real-world experience can help you narrow down your list of possible career choices. A part-time job can be less of a benefit and more of a distraction for the typical student.

College Life

College recruiters urge students to challenge themselves in high school by tackling difficult subjects, enrolling in honors programs and taking AP classes. Selective colleges also look at leadership roles students held, community service and level of extracurricular participation.

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Why risk your future for a few more dollars each week? Carefully weigh the pros and cons of working before submitting job applications. Consider working summers instead of during the school year, when you could be hanging out with friends at school functions. Talk to your parents, guidance counselor, teachers and friends about the pros and cons of high school students working part time. You may hear strong opinions. The reality of college can be pretty different from the images portrayed in movies and television.

Disadvantages of Working and Studying at the Same Time

Instead of co-eds who wake up late, party all the time, leisurely toss footballs around, and intermittently study for exams, many colleges are full of students with pressing schedules of not just classes and activities, but real jobs, too. New research from Anthony P. Price of Georgetown University, finds that this is the norm, with nearly 14 million Americans working while taking classes.

They make up about 70 to 80 percent of college students, and nearly 10 percent of the overall labor force.

About one-quarter of those who work while attending school have both a full course-load and a full-time job. The arrangement can help defray tuition and living costs, obviously. With many employers looking for students with already-developed skill sets, on-the-job training while in college can be the best way to ensure a gig later on. And with the rising cost of tuition and declining share of summer jobs going to young adults, working throughout the year can be a necessity in order to make college possible at all.