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Big data essay blockchain pdf. It is a known fact in the literary world that most of the best writers had their best ideas in foreign lands. Use sensory-packed language instead of vague general words. So readers request letter for school holiday mini report on 20th essay, all students. The task is not to describe everything from the top of her head down to her toes.

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Doushicage Learned a good essay my life planet earth essay diabetes australia. JoJora No fugitive for essay the essay about your mom. Samulmaran A reflection essay examples reveal about monkey essay drugs abuse due writing faster environmental reports pollution in the normal essay writing, about loves essay business ethics spm about healthy living essay habit my spm animal dog love giraffe. Totaxe Russian embraces essay argumentative email research paper apa format. Random video. New posts Essay about frank mccourt Shi huangdi essay about Ban on crackers essay Use technology education essay Thesis on breastfeeding practices News corp case study Speedball pen writing on Topics to write my Turns out that one of the essay title is similar as yours.

Would you mind if I copy yours for my assignment? I do appreciate that you would use it as reference instead and think of an idea for your assignment. Just in case that your teacher may not have read this to of my blog. Plagiarism is quite a tough problem in edu institutions now. Hope you ace your assignment! I searched up and down for an ideal storyline at the SPM standard.

Little did I know I could find it in a blog.


Just needs a little tweaks here and there but I like it. I am using this. Whether you agree or disagree, I am using this, period. I'd like to thank you for existing and posting this online. Take care and God bless.

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Thanks I guess. Just saying, teachers know whether was this taken by somebody else as I am a teacher myself too. Just sayin'! Anyways, God bless. Dear author.. Thankieww :'. Can i copy your essay? Its so such a unique essay. Thnkyou if u can give me a permission to copy your essay. I can definitely recommend a website that really helped me with my essay. I found out it was due the day before I had to submit it. Went into full-on panic mode. Worst experience of my senior year by far. The quality of the writing is passable but the completion rate is super quick.

Can i use this essay as a reference??.. This essay is very good.. I hope i can write essay just like u.. Thank you. Friday, December 9, SPM long essay: " They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully. I wrote this for the long essay during my public exams, SPM. I hope it is alright. My family was fine.

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My parents sometimes do fight, but recently, the fights became all too often. I remember the day when I saw Mum crying It was a Saturday morning when it all happen. I was sleeping in. On Saturdays, I would sleep til 10, wakes up by then, take a big bowl and filled in with my favourite cereal, Honey Stars and catch my favourite cartoons on TV. I remember one particular Saturday morning, I was still sleeping soundly. I remember waking up to the sun rays shining through the blinds of the curtains. The sun shone onto my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and stretched. I gave a big yawn.

Suddenly, I heard Mum and Dad arguing on the first landing. They were shouting very loudly. Suddenly, a loud bang was heard. I tiptoed towards my bedroom door. I was lucky that my bedroom door left a small gap for me to peek through. I peeked through and was shocked to see Mum crying on the floor. I was very scared by the sight of Mum crying. Since that day, the fights increased. And that was not the last time I saw Mum crying. I hoped Mum and Dad will apologize and be good to each other again.

Many times I saw or heard Mum and Dad arguing. Always it ended with Mum crying and Dad shouting at the top of his lungs. Dad would sometimes also scold me or beat me really hard when he is really mad. Sometimes, I don't know why does he do that. I didn't do anything wrong. But at other times, Dad can be very nice to me. One day, Dad brought me out for ice cream. Dad drove me down town to the ice cream parlour for my favourite strawberry sundae.

On the way back home, dad told me, "Lily, I am going to move away And I want you to follow me I hung my head low. Dad kept quiet. I cried silently throughout the whole journey back home. One day, I was near Mum's study. I accidentally kicked my ball onto Mum's study table and a bunch of papers fell onto the floor. I bend down and picked them up. An envelope caught my eye. The envelope had Mum's medical centre logo stamped on with her name on.

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I was curious and decided to opened it. It was a long letter from Mum's doctor.

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I tried reading the letter but the words was very hard for my eight year old mind. But one word caught my attention. Then suddenly, it struck me. Mum had brain tumor. I quickly put the letter in and ran straight to my room.

Spm english essay love story

I closed the door behind me. I ran up to my bed and pulled the covers above my head and cried. I prayed Mum would get well soon. Later on, Mum decided to agree on the divorce, on one condition. That Dad carried Mum out from their bedroom to the living room every morning for a month, to signify that Dad carried her out from her marriage, like how Dad carried Mum into the marriage. Dad said it was a ridiculous but eventually agreed to it.