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Skip to global menu. Skip to primary navigation. Skip to secondary navigation. Skip to page content. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Return to global menu. When the test print turns out as you want it the final print will be printed from the same files. A black and white page costs 0. Cover and binding costs 14 SEK per copy. The delivery to your department costs SEK. If you want the copies to be delivered to another address the costs might increase. You may decide together with your supervisor and department how many copies of your dissertation you want to print.

The copies are delivered to your department unless you have made an agreeement with the printer about another delivery address.

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In addition to your copies, you will be charged for three copies for the university library, one copy to the Vice-Chancellor, and one copy to your faculty if you are working within the The Faculty of Humanities, it receives two copies. You will be charged for the delivery costs of in total SEK.

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The printing company is obliged to deliver a copy to the National Library of Sweden and to six other university libraries in Sweden. You don't have to send any copies yourself since the printing house manages this separately. But seven copies of the numbers printed will be used for this.

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You can find more information about procured printing companies here text in Swedish. Search for "doktorsavhandlingar". Questions about courses and seminars kursbokningsub su. Questions about individual counselling for researchers bokabibliotekarie su. Questions about open access openaccess su. Questions about research data opendata su. Thank you. Please see details of our prices here. Yes, we can. Please contact us here and give us the full second delivery address. Please remember that each delivery costs money so your e-mail will allow us to make the necessary arrangements and quote you for the cost of the second delivery.

Once you have paid the agreed amount here , we will be able to arrange your second delivery without delay. So please ensure that you know how many pages contain a colour, of any description, in their headers, footers or main body as you will need to tell us.

Printing the Master thesis at IFI - Department of Informatics

We recommend three hardback copies one copy as a courtesy for your supervisor, one copy is usually required for the college or university library and a souvenir copy for yourself, parents or special people in your life. The softback copy is useful for the second reader of your work.

Yes you can! We have arranged with a number of colleges for special terms if a minimum of ten orders come from the same class or group. Obviously, we may need slightly longer to print, bind and deliver bulk orders directly to your college so please call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Where can I get my thesis or dissertation bound?

Compare our prices - you will save you and your classmates a lot of money! We can also print your cover and spine with silver foil, if required. Please contact us here to let us know if you need silver foil. The information printed by us in gold or silver foil on the cover of your thesis will be exactly in accordance with the Preview you see online. The information printed in gold or silver foil by us on the cover and spine of your thesis is specified by you, so we encourage you to read and carefully enter the information your college or university requires in our Order Form.

We can print each page of your thesis single-sided or double-sided. It makes very little difference to costs but obviously single-sided makes your thesis more bulky.